Fantastic Foods

In Fantastic Fits Ltd, our foods and drinks are basically made from organic fruits, vegetables, tubers and grains, this is to reduce human exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, to encourage healthy and natural consumptions of foods, and drinks which in return will improve(s) health and longevity. Hence our slogan, “ you are what you eat”…..” Eat right eat organic”.

We are indigenous and we source all our raw materials and foodstuffs locally from what is produced here in Nigeria and not foreign, thus contributing our own quota to the National economy.

Our long term plan is to create and use backward integration method where all our produce and raw materials are cultivated by us to exercise full control over their organic nature and substance.

Fantastic Fits Ltd will also involve in recycling at the long term, considering that we make use of a lot of labels, polybags and plastics, to keep our environment safe and clean.

Fantastic Foods

Delivering the best in every dish!